Behind every person, there is a story.I believe stories have the ability to heal, inspire and excite us all in a way that nothing else can. I help people to tell their stories with authenticity, passion and ingenuity. My mission is to build community and uplift individuals of all ages and backgrounds through heartfelt, awe-inspiring visual storytelling.

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A graphic novel introspective on the transformative transgender experience, Wanderlust is a paranormal journey of self-acceptance, embracing life in the moment, and living with our inner demons. The complete 7-chapter script is currently being brought to life in full color for future print.

Featured on Tapas:
Celebrating Trans Awareness Week,
LGBTQ+ Community Collection,
LGBTQ+ Paranormal Collection,
Indie Comics Collection on Storybundle,
and as an editor's pick on Webtoon.
The self-published first printing of the first book was produced solely by the artist, including design, typesetting, color correction, layout, and formatting for 4-color process printing.

Years of experience creating character-driven illustrations for personal work and for a wide range of clientele.

Capturing moments in time, from joy and wonder to peace and serenity, through the lens of a camera.

Variety of print items designed in-house and sent to large-scale global printers. Plush toys are created from concept to original pattern design to the hand-stitched final product.

Experience in illustration, character design, print and web layout, packaging, apparel, car wraps, logos, billboards, and large-scale print and digital takeovers.

Leader, committee member, designer, marketer, panelist and volunteer for nonprofits, conferences, conventions and events, both local and national.
Keynote speaker at 3 events, presenting Queering the Monster: LGBTQ+ Representation in Monster Media, with a focus on the influence and impact of queer and queer-coded characters and stories in monster movies, television series, books and graphic novels. Co-speaker at NCMPR, presenting on Creating Community During the COVID-19 Crisis.Recipient of the 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award at Berkshire Community College, President of the Berkshire Community College QSA and 2019 Guest of Honor at Furpocalypse in Cromwell, CT.

Designed detailed floor plan and conducted audio and visual presentation for the Ringling Bros. Big Top Gala. The one-night fundraiser event raised over $250,000 for the American Cancer Society.
Other charities include The Trevor Project, Elizabeth Freeman Center and

Large-scale red carpet events conducted for Disney on Ice involved designing from concept to execution. Other projects included digital takeovers at arenas and stadiums across the nation as well as the NYC subway.

Weaving a strong narrative of affordable, quality, convenient, community-oriented programming, Berkshire Community College's audience and viewership grew in large numbers under our marketing plan. Visit BCC on our Facebook and Instagram to view more.